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Trial & Error

Mistakes were made, lessons learned.  This weekend we pressed our first t-shirts.  I really liked the way our logo looks on clothes.  There’s just something about the sun that catches your eye.  However after finishing that first shirt, we immediately realized we had made a “useful mistake.”  The logo was too small.  It was perfect for a kid’s shirt or maybe a woman’s shirt but it was far too small for a man’s shirt.  From now on we will print our designs out on paper and look at them on clothes before we order the transfers.  In making this mistake we found that the logos we did order were perfect for the right sleeve.  So this mistake actually helped us with our design.  Our logo t-shirt is now going to feature a larger logo on the left chest and the logos we ordered and pressed this weekend will go on the right sleeve. 


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Every now and then a mistake might actually lead you somewhere you never thought you would be, and it might be far better than anything you could have imagined on your own.  Some lessons can only be learned through trial and error.  You should still plan out as much as you can but be ready to embrace those unexpected deviations that life throws at you and use them when you can.

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