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More Trial and Error - Photo-Shoot 4/5/2017

April 5, 2017 we had our first Prophets for Profits photo-shoot for the website. As with everything else we are doing it was a learning experience. However, for our first try I think it went over very well. We learned a lot of lessons that we can apply to the next shoot.

First we need to be a little better organized for the next shoot with a set agenda. This time around we kind of just took shots haphazardly of whatever came to our minds at the time. Moe, our resident photographer, did a really great job. Next time Iā€™d like to create a schedule and order the shots so that Moe has to make as few adjustments on the fly as possible. First we will take all of the full body and group shots so that they are of the same dimensions. Next we will take the close ups for the same reason.

One aspect that we learned quickly, is that lighting and proper positioning are very important. We have the proper lighting we just need to get better at how to position them for the best outcome. One thing that we will try the next time is taking the photos during the day, so that sunlight can add another dimension to the lighting.

Another thing that we will do better next time is camera settings. Aperture and focal length will be important on the next photo-shoot. Hopefully that will improve the clarity and depth of field of our shots. That, in turn, will make our pictures look much more professional.

Starting your own business is a learning process. Especially when you attempt to do everything yourself. Through trial and error we will improve our business, our products, and our customer service. Thank you for your support and continue to follow our progress. #p4pclothing

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