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Keep On Pushing

Perseverance - steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Anything that you want is worth working hard for.  We have run into a few speed bumps on our journey to get this company off the ground.  We are all fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons.  We all earn a living doing jobs that have nothing to do with fashion or manufacturing.  We have all had family emergencies that sometimes take our focus away from this project.  One of us even got engaged.  If you are living a good life a lot of the time you are going to be busy. 

Through all of that, you must keep on pushing.  We are a team, so when one person is going through something there is always someone else there to take up the slack. We encourage each other and pull each others coattails when necessary.  It’s good to have people there to help keep you in line. 

Don’t be discouraged if things take longer than expected.  Just keep on pushing. Don’t be discouraged if someone says no.  Don’t allow the negative things that pop up along your journey to become a permanent obstacle.  Figure a way over, around, under, or through.  You won’t always understand or pick up everything on the first try.  If you don’t get it the first time through, try again and again until you figure it out.  We knew nothing about illustrator, photoshop, web design, or how to make t shirts when we started.  Through perseverance we have almost mastered all those skills.  We haven’t always had the funds to move as quickly as we would like but that often balances out in the extra time we have to make decisions.  Through all of these obstacles, we are still making progress towards our goal. 

We are everyday people.  If we can do it, there is no reason anyone else can’t.

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