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Defining Us

Profit: A component of implicit costs and not a component of business profit at all.  It represents the opportunity cost, as the time the owner spent running this company could be spent running a different company. The enterprise component of normal profit is therefore the profit that a business owner considers necessary to make running this business worth his or her while. In this way, it is comparable to the next best amount an entrepreneur can earn on another job. That is to say, "Is this endeavor worth it for me?"

Prophet: A person who advocates or speaks in a way that is visionary, about a new belief, cause, or way of thinking.

Prophets for profits is the meshing of both of those definitions. It is the best of all worlds. Fashion. Art. Science. Spirituality. Health. Love. Life. The ability to see, believe, and create. The manifestation of those abilities is the profit and prophets benefit from the process. We want to introduce The World to itself. We want to introduce the world to the profits of our collective work. Just as the 
light-bulb of creativity was struck for us, it is our hope that we will strike a light for the next generation of thinkers and doers. In this world all things Cost but not all things carry monetary value. The prophets believe there's no monetary value that one can place on the profits of ones thought. Prophets for profits is the sum of those thoughts manifested. 

Get your share of profit.

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